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This wiki is in a constant state of gradual development. It is currently in the open beta phase. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the wiki, you are most welcome to mail them to[1]. Please put "categorism" early in the headline, to distinguish from spam.

The different phases of the wiki's devemopment bagan at the following dates:

27 January 2021: Beta (public wiki)

Between 2014 and early January 2021, the conceptualization of categorism and related concepts has been revamped from the 2014 system to the current system. Now the wiki is also getting revamped.

14 September 2014: Alpha (public wiki)

The development of this wiki has now reached Phase 2, the alpha phase.

  • Most of the central concepts from the thesis has been entered into the wiki.
  • Some examples has been added. Most of them with crosslinking: An example using both a facet and a focus, being published on both pages and linking those pags together.
  • All URL:s has been changed to the shorter format. For example, this page is now at "". (Before the upgrade, it was at "".)
  • Ways of submitting questions and contributions has been added. Readers are now able ask questions and suggest examples.
  • A few pages now have embedded youtube videos with short speeches relevant to their topic.
  • The index page of "" now redirects to the wiki: People can now visitthe wiki simply by entering the domain. Before the alpha version, visiting the wiki required entering "". To simply enter "" merely took the visitor to a page with a "coming soon" message.

In conclusion, is now up and running. No longer a sneak peek for specially invited people, the site is fully open and available to the public. Yet, it is still in a rather early phase of its evolution. A lot of development still remains. Don't hesitate to contribute your own suggestions or questions.

29 August 2014: Pre-Alpha (private wiki)

The development of this wiki is currently at Phase 1. This means that a lot of core concepts from the thesis are still missing from the wiki, and that there's a high chance that there are still basic structural bugs with the design of the wiki itself. If you have encountered this wiki already, please be patient. :-)