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This site contains two kinds of examples of categorism: Basic examples and scenario examples.

A basic example is brief, and it usually contain only one combination of a facet, a focus and/or an abstraction. These examples are listed at the pages for the individual facets, foci and abstractions.

A scenario example is a bit longer. It is a generic fictional or fictionalized situation, which contains several facets. Sometimes also several foci and abstractions. These examples are indexed on this page.

If you want to write an example, you are most welcome to do so. Please note that categorism.com reserves the right to add or not add any submitted example, with or without editing, to the site as well as to related publications. Both basic examples and scenario examples are welcome. In the future, the site might add other kinds of examples as well. It may also add a moderator staff to make it possible for people to add their own examples. For now, examples will have to be submitted through email instead: info@categorism.com

The example scenario in the thesis

  • Adam's homophobia - describing and analyzing a hypothetical situation in an office.

More examples

...will be added! And you are invited to add your own examples.