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Categorism focused on a categorization by race, ethnicity, skin-color or similar. Includes targeting foci such as antiromanism and afrophobia. (In Swedish: rasism)


Racism expressed through facets of categorism such as...

  • Hate-crimes: A white supremacist group spreading hateful propaganda against people of color, escalating to incite violence.

Racism in example texts

  • A frivolous arrest: The woman is most likely targeted for (although not only for) her race. The copcaller as well as the cops are somewhat likely to have negative stereotypes about people of color in general and particularly against the non-white person in any mixed race relationship.
  • Flexible bullies: While the bullying against Suzie and Jenny is racism on the individual and group level, the bullying against Suzie is also connected to racism on the structural and systemic levels.