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Categorism focused on a categorization of gender. Includes targeting foci such as misogyny and transphobia. (In Swedish: sexism)

Note that while the term sexism is gender neutral (and is here used about all levels of categorism, many use it exclusively about misogyny and also exclusively about the structural level.


Sexism expressed through facets of categorism such as...

  • Collective Guilt: A heterosexual person (of either gender) blaming their traumatic experiences with individuals of the opposite gender on everyone of that gender, making the assumption that complete strangers are guilty of for example how they felt an ex treated them.
  • Demonization: Talking about one gender or another as being immoral, driven by selfishness and dark emotions.
  • Stigmatization of women and Denial of Agency of men: The idea that a man would somehow be unable to control himself when he's sexually attracted to a woman, thus making male-on-female rape the woman's responsibility. Note that while this attitude is extremely misogynistic as well as very misandrist as well, it is so in very different ways: Violence against women and Infantilization against men.

Sexism in example texts

  • A frivolous arrest: The woman is most likely targeted for (although not only for) her gender. The copcaller as well as the cops are somewhat likely to have negative stereotypes about women in general.