Structural level

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Structural level refers to a facet of categorism being built-in into a social structure of some kind. Discriminatory laws, customs, self-reinforcing social expectations, and so on.

This is one of the eight levels of categorism.


As one of the eight levels of categorism, the structural level can intersect with the other levels in ways such as the following:

  • Structural Level and Individual Level: A person reproduces and reinforces (or even helps creating) a social structure.
  • Structural Level and Group Level: The group helps reproducing, reinfoprcing or even creating a categorist structure.
  • Structural Level and Systemic Level: Systemic behavior has structural reasons.
  • Structural Level and Discursive Level: How we talk about things reinforces other structures, and vice versa.
  • Structural Level and Dogmatic Level: A certain categorist doctrine is integrated in the social structure of society.
  • Structural Level and Law Level: Laws reinforce social structures, and are hard to uphold if they are out of sync with the social structures.
  • Structural Level and International Treaties Level: Local social structures participates in upholding how the world is organized, while also being inspired by the global treaties.