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Categorism which divides people by citizenship or geographical background. Strongly intertwined with racism and with the foci of kyriarchy known as apartwelt.

Example of Expression

  • Essentialist Alleged Incompetence: A new engineer is hired at a company where almost all engineers are citizens in the country where the company is located. When the new engineer turns out to be an immigrant/expat from another country, some of the coworkers have to actively hide their annoyance. As they find out that certain relevant infrastructure in the new engineer's country-of-origin is different from the infrastructure in their own country, they decide that the new guy couldn't ever possibly truly get familiar with the system in this country. They decide that his background is simply too different, so that any skills he have learned in the past or will learn in the future will a priori be superficial and fail to truly get the job done even if all tests fail to show this inherent incompetence.