Criticism and response

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Constructive criticism is most welcome. This page is for listing, and responding to, criticism voiced against the thesis, the wiki or the concept or conceptual framework of categorism itself.

Is a society without categorization of human beings even possible?

Criticism: The thesis does not discuss the possibility of building a society where people don't categorize each other.

Response: On the other hand, it does mention that categorization is a core feature of how the human mind works. And it also mentions that human cultures are built between human minds. In other words, it would not be reasonable to consider a society without categorization to be possible. Furthermore, categorization (with or without categorism) is not merely about categorizing other people - identity and other cateity is about categorizing oneself in relationship to other people. Can we imagine a society where the cateitization - the process of building and reproducing identities - does not exist?

(For further reading in the thesis, see chapter 6.1, "In what sense do categories exist?")