Discursive level

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Discursive level refers to a facet of categorism having been built into how we talk and think about concepts. How the language turns into dichotomism that bends our thoughts, feelings and acts in certain directions, limiting our understanding and locking people in linguistic cages.

This is one of the eight levels of categorism.


As one of the eight levels of categorism, the discursive level can intersect with the other levels in ways such as the following:

  • Discursive Level and Individual Level: A person reproduces and reinforces (or even helps creating) a discourse.
  • Discursive Level and Group Level: A categorist discourse is dominant within the group: In this group, the members are expected to talk about things in a certain way.
  • Discursive Level and Systemic Level: A certain discourse is systemic.
  • Discursive Level and Structural Level: How we talk about things reinforces other structures, and vice versa.
  • Discursive Level and Dogmatic Level: A certain categorist doctrine is integrated in how people tend to talk and think about things.
  • Discursive Level and International Treaties Level: International treaties may affect how we talk about things, and the discourse may serve to validate or invisibilize categorist aspects of the treaties.