Energy Drain

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Demanding time and energy out of people from a certain category by constantly pushing them to defend or explain themselves. When this happens on a structural or systemic level, getting small pushes of the same kind often and from many different directions can add up really quickly. (In Swedish: en form av energitjuvande)

See also Directed Trolling.


This facet of categorism is an expression of: discrimination (often used as a way of enabling other categorism as well). Can be done at any level.

It is likely to intersect with facets such as:

  • Exploitation: Draining people's energy by using them.
  • Violence: Fear of violence can be very draining in itself. Also, explicit or implicit threats of violence can be a way to demand other people's time and energy since such threats are hard to ignore.
  • Supremacism: Feeling superior and thus entitled to other people's time and energy.
  • Incomprehensibilization: Constructing a category as "the mysterious other", while forcing people in that category to either accept this role or spend time and energy on resisting it.

As well as with abstractions such as:

Examples of applying this facet to a particular foci of categorism can include:

  • racism, at the individual level: A person having the attitude that if he is prejudiced against people of other skin-colors or ethnicities, then it is their job to educate him.
  • sexism, at the structural level: Social norms that women need to take care of others, while men does not.
  • sexism, at the dogmatic level: Political and religious doctrines demanding that women hold themselves back.
  • sexism or racist sexism, at the systemic level: A woman keeps encountering people who believes that she has some inherent duty take care of them without them taking care of her in return.

Energy Drain in example texts

  • A frivolous arrest: It drains your resources of time and emotion to be arrested and have to defend yourself against accusations of having a stigmatized profession.