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This caregorism wiki includes a number of example scenarios. These are short stories where some kind of categorism happens. Different facets, foci and sometimes abstractions. Some of these stories are fictionalized stories inspired by events that has actually happened. Others are purely fictional, and may contain categorism foci that cannot happen in real life.

Below follows a list of foci that don't have pages of their own but are used in examples. Some of these foci are rare in contemporary real life, while others don't exist at all.

Categorism targeting Left-handed people

  • Was mainstream in western culture until a few decades ago, but is much rarer today.
  • Happens in the example "Flexible bullies".
  • Could be called "mainhandism", if someone actually need a specific word for it. (If a word has already been established somewhere, please tell.)

Categorism targeting talking sea mammals

  • Cannot happen in real life, since talking sea animals does not exist.
  • Happens in the example "The Sea Lion".


  • The word refers to categorism targeting people who are considered "schplarunx".
  • Cannot happen in real life... Not until someone makes up a definition for the word "schplarunx" and someone starts doing facets of categorism based on this categorization. Categories in social life exists through being used in social life.
  • Begins to happen in the example "Flexible bullies", although the story ends before they get around to actually defining the word. Thus it is still an abstraction rather than a focus by the end of the story, but it is moving towards becoming a focus.