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Putting a category of people on a pedestal can easily turn into categorism, both against the category thus being sacralized and against the opposite category.

  • Sacralizing one side of a dichotomy easily turns into demonizing the other side.
  • Meanwhile, it makes it easy to set unreasonable standards for the people in the sacralized category – standards which are being unreasonably high, being arbitrary and/or being suffocating. Either way, this can lead to invisibilizing, harassing, demonizing or otherwise mistreating those who fails or refuses to fit the standards.
  • It may even lead to stop seeing people in the sacralized category as being fully human individuals, instead seeing them as avatars of the category.
  • It can also be used as a tool for exploiting people in the category. “Since you are so inherently good, you are of course expected to do this and this and this for me”.
  • It can also go hand in hand with infantilizing them, trying to protect their presumed virtue and innocence from anything which doesn't fit the stereotype and which is therefore treated as being taboo.

Sacralizing a category also goes hand in hand with being supremacist in favor of said category.