Systemic level

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Systemic level refers to something happening over and over in a pattern that is sufficiently coherent to have effects of its own. Patterns of prejudices, bigotries and discriminatory practices that are common in a culture, subculture or similar. Lots of little things that wouldn't matter if they were isolated incidents but that adds up very quickly.

This is one of the eight levels of categorism.


As one of the eight levels of categorism, the systemic level can intersect with the other levels in ways such as the following:

  • Systemic Level and Individual Level: A person is one of the many individuals who do actions that form the system.
  • Systemic Level and Group Level: Prejudices, bigotries and discriminatory behaviors promoted within the group are also systemic in society - partly because of groups such as this group.
  • Systemic Level and Structural Level: Systemic behavior has structural reasons.
  • Systemic Level and Discursive Level: A certain discourse is systemic.
  • Systemic Level and Dogmatic Level: A certain categorist doctrine is common enough for people to be constantly faced with it.
  • Systemic Level and Law Level: A pattern of behavior is systemic because people tend to obey the law as well as to treat law as a source of morality.
  • Systemic Level and International Treaties Level: A pattern of behavior is systemic because it is validated by how the world is organized.