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The author of the thesis "Categorization of Human Beings versus the Universality of Human Rights", which this wiki is based on.

Has held speeches/presentations which included talking about categorism, at:

  • Interfaith Summit 2012. (Bali, Indonesia.)
  • Nordic Association for Clinical Sexology conference 2014. (Malmö, Sweden)
  • West Pride, 2014 and other years. (Gothenburg, Sweden.)
  • Stockholm Pride, 2014 and other years. (Stockholm, Sweden.)
  • Feministiskt Forum, 2015. (Gothenburg, Sweden.)
  • The Swedish Forum for Human Rights / MR-dagarna, 2015. (Gothenburg, Sweden.)

Some published texts, in Swedish, about categorism


1. Stängda gränser är en del av apartwelt (Closed borders is a part of apartwelt) Essay about categorism and the concept of apartwelt.

2015 and earlier

1. Kategorier och verklighet (Categories and relaity)
Long essay in issue 3/2015 of "Folkvett", the journal of the organization "Vetenskap och Folkbildning". Which has over 9.000 members and is the Swedish branch of the international Skeptic movement. The name "Vetenskap och Folkbildning" stands "Science and Public Education".

The essay explains the concept of categorism and. Including the basic conceptual framework with facets, foci and abstractions as well as different levels such as personal and structural.

  • Link will be added in the future, as issue 3/2015 has thus far only been released on paper.

2. En skev bild av spelkulturen (An unfair image of gaming culture)
Short reply published in the newspaper Expressen.

The essay explains, based on the categorism model, that the concept of "sexism" should be regarded as a matter of "prejudice, bigotry and discrimination based on gender".

3. Hur hjälper man en onormal människa? (How do you help an abnormal person?)
Essay in issue 1/2007 of Sexologinytt, the journal of the organization "Svensk förening för sexologi". Which is the Swedish branch of World Association for Sexual health. The name "Svensk förening för sexologi" stands for "Swedish Association for Sexology".

The essay was published many years before the thesis, outlying an early conceptualization of the idea of categorism.