Categorization of Human Beings versus the Universality of Human Rights

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The report "Categorization of Human Beings versus the Universality of Human Rights" is a Master Thesis in Human Rights Studies. The thesis builds the Conceptual framework of categorism and is the main source for the information on this wiki. Most of the content on the wiki has been copy-pasted directly from the thesis to the wiki. The author of the thesis is also the owner of this wiki.

Download the thesis

The thesis is freely available in PDF format through the University Library of the University of Gothenburg. Feel free to download it through any of the following links:

In the middle of the page you'll reach through the link, there is a "PDF" icon with "View/Open" or similar text underneath. The icon and the text are both clickable, and so is the file name "gupea_2077_36798_1.pdf". Click on any of these for opening or saving the thesis. In most computers and browsers, a click with the left mouse button while open the thesis in the browser while a click with the right mouse button will instead give you the option to save the PDF to your hard drive.

Questions and comments

If you have any questions or comments about the thesis, don't hesitate to contact the author. Email address is:[1].

Questions and comments are likely to be used to update and further clarify the wiki. For example by adding an example to the relevant facet or related concept page, or by adding a new section to the criticism and response page.