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Categorism focused on targeting Africans and people who have African ancestors. (In Swedish: afrofobi)

While usually a form of racism, the historical roots of afrophobia comes from religism. Specifically from the taboo against using Christians as slaves. At first this taboo made the distinction between Christian and Pagan faith, but it later gradually morphed into a distinction between "Christian Blood" and "Pagan Blood". The biblical story about Noah's son Ham was also used to justify enslavement of Africans, arguing that Africans would be descendents of this man who was cursed by God.


  • Stigmatization: Associating dark skin or African ancestry with all kinds of negative traits.

Afrophobia in example texts

  • A frivolous arrest: The woman is most likely targeted for (although not only for) her race. The copcaller as well as the cops are somewhat likely to have negative stereotypes about people of color in general and particularly against the non-white person in any mixed race relationship.