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Based on a distinction between mainstream and alternative lifestyles, targeting the later.

In Social Care Online, "‘Alterophobia’ is defined as prejudice directed towards members of ‘alternative’ sub-cultures including those who are, or are perceived to be, chavs, goths, moshers/rockers, and emos."

Examples of facets expressed through this focus

  • Invisibilization: Establishing that the mainstream represents everyone.
  • Demonization: Spreading fantasies about the people who are in a certain subculture (or have traits associated with subcultures) being in league with the devil or otherwise being evil. If a man has long hair and black clothes, certainly this is evidence that he has a secret midnight hobby of sneaking out at midnight to turn over tombstones and nail live kittens to church doors?
  • Monolithization: Seeing everyone in a certain subculture as being basically the same - examples of a stereotype, rather than individuals in their own right.

Alterophobia in example texts

  • Flexible bullies: The bullies targeting Suzie again, this time for thinking differently than they do.