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Narrativism used as empirical evidence: By proving that a certain claim is part of a certain narrative, or at least fits into the narrative, the claim is also considered proven to be valid objective truth. (In Swedish: narrempiri)


This facet of categorism is an expression of prejudice and discrimination.

It is likely to intersect with facets such as:

  • Narrativism: Provide a story, and show that the claim fits into it.
  • Incomprehensibilization: Replacing the need and desire to understand actual people with a need and desire to understand the narrative role these people are given in someone's storytelling.

As well as with abstractions such as:

Examples of applying this facet to a particular foci of categorism can include:

  • antimuslimism: Muslims are terrorists, as proven by media talking about terrorists who are Muslims or assumed to be Muslims.
  • antisemitism: Jews are greedy, as proven by somebody's grandfather telling a joke about greedy Jews.

Narrempiry in example texts

  • Mr Garrison's Homophobia: Should Garrison's various claims about homosexuals be regarded as true simply on the basis that they fit his homophobic narrative?