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Reducing a person to a certain function, behavior, or identity, making them an object rather than a subject. Not about having a limited interaction with a person, but about having a discourse or behavior signifying that this limited interaction is all that the other person is.

This includes the concepts of “singular identity” and “depersonalization”. As well as “objectification” – sexual or otherwise.

When applied to a category of human beings, this is a facet of categorism.


This facet of categorism is an expression of: prejudice, bigotry and discrimination.

It is likely to intersect with facets such as:

As well as with abstractions such as:

Examples of applying this facet to a particular foci of categorism can include:

  • Misogyny: The idea that women exist to be used for sex.

Reduction in example texts

  • Adam's homophobia: Adam reducing gay people to sexual acts and assume almost everyone to be heterosexual – gays who don't misbehave doesn't count as “gay” to him.