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Assuming a position of superiority. Either in the form of a soft supremacism fueled by condescending compassion, or in the form of a hard supremacism fueled by straightforward hate and openly constructing the other as inferior. (In Swedish: supremacism)


This facet of categorism is an expression of: prejudice, bigotry and discrimination.

It is likely to intersect with facets such as:

  • Normalization: Constructing supremacism as being not supremacism but instead simply the natural order of things.
  • Energy Drain: Feeling superior and thus entitled to other people's time and energy.

As well as with abstractions such as:

Examples of applying this facet to a particular foci of categorism can include:

  • Antisemitism: Creating a hard supremacism narrative where Jews are constructed as greedy and unclean little creatures for the good people to kill.
  • Whorephobia: Creating a soft supremacism narrative where sex workers are constructed as pitiful and unclean little creatures for the good people to save (and who in return are required to feel grateful for being looked down upon and dismissed as broken).