Category original sin

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Take a category of people, such as a gender or a skin color. then assign it an inherited original sin, specific to the category. While this assignment of original sin is often done through religion, it can also be done through ideological concepts such as twisting intersectionality into inverted intersectionality. Category original sin is an extreme versionn of Collective guilt.

Examples of foci

  • Misogyny: Arguing that all women are more sinful and less valuable than any man, based on a notion that Eve would have been more to blame than Adam for the two of them eating the forbidden fruit.
  • Racism: Arguing that Africans (and perhaps also other dark-skinned people) are somehow the descendants of Noah's son Ham... and thus God has commanded that all Africans should be held in slavery forever as punishment for Ham once having seen his father Noah drunk and naked.
  • Antisemitism: Arguing that all Jewish people are personally guilty of murdering Jesus Christ.