Inverted intersectionality

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Taking whataboutism to a personal level by combining it with an absurd way of doing intersectional analysis. While the underlying process is rather complex is rather complex, the act itself is simply a matter of picking a category and use it to dismiss whatever categorism (or other problem) a person is facing. If a man has been subjected to racism, accuse him of being heterosexual and/or male. If a woman has been subjected to sexism, accuse her of being white and/or heterosexual. If a woman has been subjected to homophobia, accuse her of being white – unless she's clearly not white, in which case you instead accuse her of being able-bodied or right-handed.

The underlying mechanic can be understood through the following steps:

  • Step 1: Take the simple fact that in every social context there are some categories which are generally held in higher esteem than others.
  • Step 2: Remove the need for context, turning the position into an absolute where the category in itself is regarded as either “privileged” or “oppressed”.
  • Step 3: Transmute the category from representing a label or characteristic, to instead refer to the actual persons typically associated with the label. Suddenly each single person who can be labeled as (insert category here) is now to be constructed as being a person who is a priori “a privileged person” or a priori “an oppressed person” - regardless of circumstances.
  • Step 4: Now transmute these actual human beings into symbols and scapegoats. If you are included in the privileged category, then you are the assigned to be the oppressor and even be the oppression itself – an inherited category original sin of which you can never be forgiven.
  • Step 5: Now add intersectionality to this mess, thus pointing out that everyone belongs to several privileged categories – thus everyone is the enemy, nobody deserves any care or compassion, we should simply hate and despise everyone without exception.